At Summit Church, we love children! We are passionate about children developing a personal relationship with

Jesus Christ. Therefore, we put a tremendous emphasis on kid's ministry. We want children to be excited about our program and eager to come back again!  

Base Camp is our dynamic ministry to children that happens in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings during the 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 worship services. Base Camp is a fun, engaging, faith-growing program filled with scripture, music, skits and small group time. Our vision is to guide kids in their first steps of faith as they begin this lifelong journey with Jesus.

Scripture is clear that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their childs life. One key distinctive about the Orange strategy  which we incorperate here at Summit is the intentionality of partnering with parents. We realize we have roughly 40 hours to invest in the lives of the children in our ministry in any given year. Parents, on the other hand, have 3,000 hours to influence their kids in a year. We love laying down the building blocks on Sunday for a week of learning and growing at home.