Online Giving Tutorial

We understand that online giving can seem intimidating at first, espeically when we are used to giving in person on a Sunday morning.  First, please know that you can continue to give in person by either mailing a gift to Summit Church or dropping your gift off to the church office.  


But, in light of new social distancing mandates, pastor Stephen offers a step-by-step video tutorial (left) on how to utilize both the church website and church app for giving financial gifts to the church.  We hope it is helpful for you as you continue to explore new ways to connect with our church online.  


Thank you so much for your support in our ministry. We take each offering as a major blessing to what we are trying to accomplish. We have been called by God to do great things in and around our community and none of it would be possible without your financial support. Every penny of your offering will be put to great use for God's work in our lives. We pray and thank God for our congregation everyday. Without you all there would be no church. You are the church!


While your financial support is much appreciated, there are other ways you can support Summit Church. We understand that everyone may not be able to give as much as they would like and we understand. The first and best way to support us is through prayer.  But another way to support the ministry of Summit Church is by volunteering to serve.  See the list below for a few ideas. Thank you again for your continued support. God bless.

  • Nursery Care
  • Greeter
  • Information Center
  • Usher
  • Youth Volunteer
  • CARE Team